Water Hygiene

The approach of Eaton Environmental Services Ltd is to help the customer to meet their water related obligations and requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act, and specifically to ensure they comply with all relevant Regulations and Approved Codes of Practice.

This may seem a tall order but with our experience and knowledge we can assist our customers in the safe operation of engineered water systems, no matter how simple or complex. We can perform all the services listed below using our own highly trained staff:

Water Systems Survey

Detailed survey of domestic, industrial and process water systems, identifying real and potential problems and suggesting ways to remove or overcome them. We provide a complete asset list of your plant and identify all outlets. System schematics are also provided.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Having identified real and potential problems we assess the risk and recommend actions or systems of control to minimise that risk.

Monitoring Programmes

Eaton believe in bespoke systems of control and will design a system that meets site requirements as well as satisfying the relevant legislation. This can include monitoring by site staff after suitable training.

Remedial Works

Everything from minor pipework alterations to the installation of new water storage tanks can be carried out by our experienced in-house plumbers. Read more

Cleaning and Disinfection

We have many cleaning and disinfection specifications using different methods and disinfectants depending on the particular situation. Again we fit the specification to the customer’s requirements, and will provide a fast response (less than 24 hours) if the circumstances dictate.

Laboratory Analysis

A full range of bacteriological and chemical testing is available using UKAS accredited laboratories to be part of and supplement the monitoring programme. Read more


We offer differing levels of training from Legionella Awareness to teaching site staff how to carry out temperature checks and to use the Electronic or Manual Logbook. All training is certificated and logged.