Softeners and Control Equipment

To minimise the effect of scale deposition and all the problems this can cause Eaton Environmental Services Ltd offer our range of Eatonsoft base exchange water softeners from domestic units to large industrial applications. A full service of supply, installation, commissioning and various servicing options are available to match customer’s requirements.

In addition to simple salt regenerating softeners we can supply a range of other pre-treatment plant such as:

Reverse Osmosis

Demineralising and De-alkalisation equipment

Cartridge, Cyclone and Sand Filters

Nitrate Removal Plant

Ultra Violet (UV) sterilisation units

Dosage and Control Equipment

To ensure accurate dosing of treatment chemicals and to control efficient water usage we have a wide range of Eatondose dosage and control equipment, which includes the following:

Chemical dosing pumps – from simple pumps to those with internal processors

Electronic control modules – from timers to internet and remote control capability

Chemical tanks and bunds

Level sensors, conductivity and redox probes, in fact a whole host of ancillary products to provide effective control of a variety of systems. Supply, installation and commissioning are all part of the package.

Bespoke Solutions

Eaton’s philosophy is to supply bespoke solutions to all our customers’ requirements, and this applies to control equipment as much as any of our other services – we do not do “off the shelf”!