Laboratory Analysis

The expertise within Eaton Environmental Services Ltd enables us to provide a wide range of chemical and bacteriological analysis. We are not tied to one Laboratory but have access to several very well equipped facilities with highly qualified staff working to the highest levels of quality control. This enables our customers access to a versatile and sophisticated analytical service which includes the following:

Testing for Legionella

Routine analysis carried out to UKAS accreditation. A very rapid test is available for the situation where a quick result is a very high priority.

Bacteria in Drinking Water

A potable sample will be tested for coliforms and E.Coli, plus the colony counts at 22°C and 37°C. We can test for other species of bacteria on request particularly if a water source is being investigated.

Chemical Analysis

Eaton Environmental Services Ltd can offer a wide range of analytical suites which include heavy metals, deposit analysis, oil and fuel contamination, pesticides plus many other chemical parameters. These suites are tailor made to the customer’s requirements.

Private Water Supplies

We can advise and carry out testing of private water supplies from a single dwelling to industrial estates and stately homes.

Effluent Analysis

The effluent from several customer’s sites has to meet certain control parameters set by the Environment Agency – we analyse the discharge, and advise as necessary.

Oddball Enquiries

Do you have a “one off” or unusual enquiry like a taste complaint or discolouration of the water? Maybe we can help, please contact us for further details.