Industrial Water Treatment

There are many types of industrial water treatment systems and Eaton Environmental Services Ltd specialist Engineers have considerable experience in the design and implementation of water treatment programmes for these systems.

Our programmes are designed to provide all aspects of water management to include control of scale, corrosion and biological activity in a variety of ways including carefully chosen chemicals and suitable treatment equipment. Some examples of systems we manage:

Steam Boilers

Chemical treatment programmes, softeners and other pre-treatment plant plus dosing and control equipment.

Closed Heating and Chilling Systems

Inhibitors and other products to clean and protect these systems.

Tunnel Washers and Air Scrubbers

Bacteriological monitoring plus cleaning and disinfecting work.

Water Features

Fountains and water features have infected people with Legionnaire’s disease and need monitoring.

Humidification Systems

Biocides can control bacteria build up in these systems.

Adiabatic Spray Cooling

Air blast chillers can be a source of aerosols and require pre-treatment.

Other Systems

Do you have a system that causes you some concern? Please call us to give you a free opinion.