Cooling Tower Treatment

Eaton Environmental Services Ltd specialist Engineers have vast experience in the design and implementation of water treatment programmes for open evaporative cooling systems, which means we will select the best programme for your system.

Our programmes are designed to provide all aspects of cooling tower water management but with the emphasis on Legionella control and compliance with the current Approved Code of Practice (L8) and HSG 274. The control of scale, corrosion and other biological activity is also important and carefully chosen chemicals will minimise these factors and result in efficiently run systems.

Cooling System Survey

Detailed survey of open evaporative cooling water systems, identifying real and potential problem areas and devising ways to remove or minimise them. A schematic of the system will be provided.

Legionella Risk Assessments

Having surveyed the system we assess the risk and recommend actions and systems of control to minimise that risk.

Treatment Programme

Each cooling tower treatment programme is system specific and has its own Logbook, Manual and ACoP L8 and HSG 274 compliant monitoring system. All Legionella samples are tested in UKAS accredited laboratories.


Eaton’s Service Engineers are very experienced and will perform all the tasks necessary to meet site requirements and keep the system under control. Read more

Treatment Chemicals

A wide range of biocides and inhibitors are available as Eatontech branded chemicals. Read more

Cleaning and Disinfection

We use our own well trained Technicians to carry out all our cooling tower cleans, disinfections and strip downs. Again we fit the specification to the customer’s requirements, and will provide a fast response (less than 24 hours) if the circumstances dictate.


Differing levels of training are available from Legionella Awareness to instructing site staff how to carry out weekly cooling water checks. All training is certificated and logged.